Room Integrity Testing

Increasingly, main computer rooms and electrical plant rooms are fitted with a gaseous Inergen or FM200 fire suppression systems to minimize fire damage and the resultant down time and consequential loss of a business.


In order that the fire suppression gas such as FM200 or INERGEN can extinguish the fire and remain within the enclosure to prevent re-ignition, the room has to be sealed sufficiently to ensure the fire suppressant cannot escape within a given period of time.


Often, existing rooms within a building that were not designed to hold the released gas are used as 'new' computer rooms and data centers and the room structure maybe unable to sustain the time period required for the gas to work effectively.

Room integrity test (or sometimes referred to as a door fan test) is a recommended procedure in lieu of a discharge test of clean agent fire suppression systems.


Both NFPA 2001 and BS14520 require an enclosure test as part of the acceptance procedure for all clean agent systems. In addition this, these standards require a repeat of this testing procedure annually.

Our service providers are trained on and use room integrity testing equipment. Our commitment to use state of the art testing equipment assures you will receive the most accurate information available.


A fan test performed by us gives you the peace of mind of knowing the fire suppression system will hold the concentration of agent as designed.

The door fan test measures the size of the holes in the room and the pressure that may exist across them. The computer on board does the rest of the simulation and comes up with the prediction.



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